My name is Chris. I’m a Coder, Writer, and Hacker. I started coding in BASIC on an Apple IIe back in ‘95. In ‘99, I decided to learn about hacking, thanks to a PBS Frontline documentary. For the two decades since, I’ve been coding and hacking as a passion and a hobby, but never truly as a career.

In 2019, I decided to change that. This blog was started as a way to track my progress and efforts in the course of my journey into InfoSec. It’s a grab-bag of tutorials, opinions, news, and whatever else I feel like writing, with InfoSec as the primary focus. I look forward to learning new things, and sharing my knowledge with others.

You’re welcome to join me in this journey! Follow my blog, add me on twitter, and email me at cmsteffen[at] I’m always happy to hear from other people interested in programming and InfoSec, so don’t hesitate to say hi!

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