Greetings friends! I was advised by some of my fellow OSCP aspirants to check out some of the retired HackTheBox machines in preparation for starting my PWK course. So I went ahead and coughed up the dough to buy a HTB VIP account, and got to work.

Having been informed that Metasploit use would be restricted in the OSCP exam, I decided to challenge myself to hack each machine without the use of Metasploit, so that I would be better prepared for the test.

I was given this handy guide to OSCP-Like HTB Boxes, and decided to start from the top:

OSCP-Like HTB Boxes

The first box in the Linux list is called “Lame,” and according to the ratings on HTB, it looked fairly easy:

Lame Simplicity

I fired up my Kali VM and got to work…

Read the walkthrough here!