My Penetration Testing With Kali course begins in only a few days, and I’m both nervous and excited. Starting a new career, especially one as technical and complex as Information Security, can be very challenging and stressful. But I hope to mitigate that stress by being as prepared as I can be. One way to prepare myself is to gain as much hands-on experience as possible. This is the whole point of sites like HackTheBox: to gain hands-on experience that (in many ways) simulates real-world scenarios.

For this post, I decided to try my hand at Nibbles, another of the OSCP-like HTB machines suggested by the OSCP community. According to the HTB website, Nibbles is considered fairly easy:

HTB Nibbles

Based on past reviews, Nibbles rates highly in the “real-world” and “CVE” categories, with a good deal of enumeration necessary. However, it doesn’t require much custom exploitation, and is not considered very “CTF-Like”:

Nibbles Overview

As such, I expected Nibbles to be a fairly straightforward exercise – challenging, but not too much.

Read the walkthrough here!