This week I’ll be diving back into the PWK labs, aiming to learn everything I can so I can improve my skills and pass the OSCP test. I’ve spend the last couple weeks reviewing my notes, reorganizing my data, and preparing myself to rejoin the fray.

One of the ways I’ve been preparing is by finishing my first Buffer Overflow tutorial, which covers the development of a simple BoF exploit, from initial discovery all the way through developing a “weaponized” Metasploit module. This tutorial targets SLMail, which is a common first target for beginners. In future tutorials, I’ll cover more advanced targets and techniques.

Another way I’ve been preparing is by reorganizing the layout of this blog. For readers, the transformation should be seamless, though any direct links to old posts will no longer work. From this point forward, however, I won’t be changing post URLs again, so static links won’t be a problem.

I’ve also added the Walkthroughs section, which will include my step-by-step guides to various CTF machines and vulnerable VMs. I figured it would be a good idea to keep everything organized in a predictable, centralized location, rather than having a bunch of tutorials and walkthroughs scattered throughout my blog posts.

Stay tuned for future updates as I continue to add tutorials, walkthroughs, and posts detailing my journey through the PWK/OSCP course and beyond!