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Now that the drop box is configured, you’re almost ready to test it in the field! However, there are a few more steps that should be considered:

Install Additional Tools

By default, the ARM version of Kali is shipped with a stripped-down selection of tools. Before sending your drop box into the wild, you’ll want to ensure that it comes with all the tools you want to use during your pentest; adding tools while the drop box is on the target network could be a real challenge.

Configure Cellular Modem (Optional)

Rather than depend upon the target’s network, you might want to add a cellular modem as a secondary route for Internet connectivity. Black Hills InfoSec released a handy guide for how to do just this, as well as how to configure the Pi to act as a bridge on the network, enabling greater functionality and flexibility.

Enable Power Over Ethernet (Optional)

When you want to be discreet, less is more. With Power Over Ethernet (POE) it’s possible to run the Pi with only an ethernet cable, no power cable required. Jason Olmstead created a drop box construction tutorial featuring this very technique.

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